Hatem Boulifa


Hatem was born in Tunisia in 1968. He pursued his medical studies in the university and learned music by himself. His musical style is a mixture of oriental, western, dance, Latin and jazz music genres. Throughout his career, Hatem got to play keyboard with Chokri Bouzayen and many other famous Tunisian singers. He also appeared on many shows on Tunisian TV, such as "Shems el Ahad" and "Likoll il adhwak"

Yamaha keyboards have always been good musical partners of Hatem – PSR-62, PSR-64 followed by legendary PSR-A1000. While improving his performance skills, he gradually got into programming and sound design.

An expertise in traditional Arabic music and good knowledge of digital sound allows Hatem to create very natural voices of oriental instruments and authentic styles for digital keyboards. His first collaboration with Yamaha started in 2003 when he was invited to do a PSR-A1000 presentation tour in Morocco. In 2006, Hatem was working on new preset styles for PSR-OR700. This experience continued in developing voices and styles for PSR-A2000 and PSR-A3000, as well as doing demonstrations / training for oriental musicians in different countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and UAE.

PSR-A3000 Performance with Hatem Boulifa