Amine Dehane



Amine DEHANE was born in 1975, in Oran-Algeria. He inherited his talent from his musician parents who introduced him since childhood to the basics of traditional Algerian & Moroccan music.

In 2001, he received his music diploma in piano in France and returned to Algeria with extensive experience in studio recording. His work in studio and TV programs develops greatly (2002-2016), bringing new sounds to Algerian music from local and universal styles.

His work includes artistic production and direction of the theatrical pieces (2003-2015), production of musical albums, film credits’ music & costume for the account of Algerian TV channels such as: GNL 15 BARCELONA, Année de l’Algérie en France 2003, Festival Casa 2008, Festival Carthage 2008, Babel Med on 2002, Festival du livre Suisse 2006, and other countries.

In 2015, this Algerian multi-instrumentalist added Yamaha latest oriental workstation PSR-A3000 to his music arsenal.

PSR-A3000 Expansion Content Video

PSR-A3000 Expansion content demo by Amine Dehane (Arabic)

PSR-A3000 Expansion content demo by Amine Dehane (French with English subtitles)

PSR-A3000 Expansion Voice demo by Amine Dehane

PSR-A3000 Expansion Style demo by Amine Dehane