Sairos Seeroos Juma



Seeroos was born in 1973 in Bahrain. He discovered his musical talent at the age of 10. He joined the Classical Institute of Bahrain and started performing in his uncle’s band as a keyboard player. Later, he studied Electrical Engineering in the University of Bahrain, in which he contributed in initiating a Music Association at the University.

After that, Seeroos created his own band which became very popular in Bahrain and entire Gulf area.

In 2000 he decided to dedicate his career to music production, he got his first big break when he was asked to produce an album for the Saudi super star Rashed Al Majid; the album contained a big hit song called “Mashkalni” and it has been very popular till date.

Seeroos participated in several national music festivals in the Middle East and has been honored several times by the Ministry of Information & by the King of Bahrain. He has been nominated as the most popular producer in “Zahrat al Khaleej” magazine.

Cooperation between Seeroos and Yamaha started in 2000, when he started programming styles and producing voices for Yamaha oriental workstations. Today, Seeroos is leading expert for Khaligi content creation in GCC region.

PSR-A3000 Performance with Seeroos Juma