Warranty Information

What to do in a Warranty/Non-Warranty Case?

At first please contact your Dealer or Distributor. He can confirm if it is a hardware problem and try to solve your problem. If not he will help to handle the repair procedure.

To make sure that the repair procedure will be processed as fast as possible, please attach a covering letter which has to include the following information:

・Your name and address

・Telephone, fax or e-mail

・Modelname and serial number

・Name of your dealer

・carefully considered discription of the problem

・Your configuration (other connected devices.....)

Please attach a copy of the invoice as a warranty proof, otherwise you will get a quotation if the warranty is no longer valid!

Please keep a copy of this data for requests!

For a course without a hitch please note also the following:

・Make sure that the complete accessories are attached

・If possible make a back up of your personal data

・If available use the original packing of the device to prevent a transport damage!