Nemer Habib



Nemer Habib was born in 1978 in Beirut, Lebanon. He got involved in music since he was 12 years old, then joined University Saint-Esprit of Kaslik (USEK) to study musicology and classical piano. Having a strong passion to Oriental music, he got his Master’s degree with specification in instrumental Oriental-Arab music (specifically “Longa”).

In 2003, he formed his own band “The Fantastic Trio”, which had a big success and exposure in Lebanon and Jordan. In 2012, “The Fantastic Trio” became “FantastiX” with 12 artists. Now the group expanded to 50 artists with Nemer, who takes care of the music production and direction as well.

In 2006, he composed and arranged the music for a huge musical show for Lebanon “Gubal 7000”. The show was performed at the UNESCO Paris.

Since that time Nemer is actively performing Live, making videos and appearing in many TV shows in Lebanon and Egypt. His music project “The Tiger Show” and “Orientis” video represent constant experiment with various music genres, combining western pop, house beats and oriental melodies.

Nemer received several awards from Lions, AUST and Lebanese Army for his career and success in the music and show field.

Since 2008 Nemer is using Yamaha Tyros workstations for his performances and studio works. In 2015 he started programming oriental styles for Yamaha’s oriental workstations and became Yamaha endorser featuring the latest PSR-A3000.

PSR-A3000 Performance with Nemer Habib

Morad El Gzanay

Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Arranger and Composer Morad El Gzanay has worked with the most prestigious voices from the Srab and Western world such as... Cheb Khaled, Assala Nasri, Kadem Alsaher, Jedwan, Quincy Jones, Abdelaziz Stati, Assi El hellani, Fadwa Al Malki, Ali Bin Mohamed, Ahlam, Najat Aatabou, Cheb Mami, Sherine Abdelwahab, Emile & Images, Rose Laurence, and many 'other artists.