VXL Series

Slim Line Arrays Blend High Sound Quality with Visual Elegance

The VXL series cabinets are only 54 millimeters wide, presenting a slim, elegant profile that blends effortlessly with any décor. The key to the slim dimensions of these remarkable speakers is their compact 1.5-inch full-range driver units. Of course visual appeal is not the only goal. These small drivers have been painstakingly designed with neodymium magnets and top-quality materials throughout to deliver natural response right down to 77 Hz* , for full-range performance that is ideal for speech as well as music reproduction.

*In the case of VXL 1 - 24

High-performance drivers with neodymium magnets are arranged vertically to create a line source that achieves outstanding projection. The sound does not spread in the vertical direction and unnecessary reflection can be avoided, so VXL can delivers high clarity sound to the target area.

Excellent Scalability

The compact driver units used in the VXL series contribute to wide horizontal dispersion. A rear-panel switch allows vertical dispersion to be expanded downward so that a wide range of applications can be accommodated.** Sound pressure level and coverage can be further adjusted as required by combining models with different numbers of driver units, expanding the range of potential applications.

** VXL1-8 vertical dispersion is fixed

Vertical Coverage Expansion

Vertical coverage can be adjusted via a rear-panel switch. Setting the switch to “Wide” expands the dispersion angle in the downward direction only, improving coverage at the front of the listening area in situations where the speakers are installed at a high location.

Flexible Installation Options

In addition to the supplied wall-mount brackets, a comprehensive range of optional hardware is available for convenient system mounting and setup in just about any environment.

In addition to the WMB-L1 wall mount bracket with vertical and horizontal angle adjustment capability, VCB-L1 bracket for vertical speaker coupling, VCSB-L1 bracket for vertical speaker coupling with downward angle adjustment capability, and HCB-L1 bracket for horizontal speaker coupling, an ST-L1 speaker transformer is available for high-impedance system setup.

VXL1-16 with included bracket

2 x VXL1-16 with VCSB-L1, VCB-L1 and WMB-L1

2 x VXL1-16 with HCB-L1 and WMB-L1