ADECIA Ceiling Solution

ADECIA Ceiling Solution

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In response to the increased and diversified demand for conference rooms due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Yamaha Corporation has announced a new remote communication solution for any enterprise or meeting space.

ADECIA Ceiling Solution

The comprehensive conferencing solution introduces the ceiling array microphone and remote conference processor, and includes long-trusted PoE network switches and Dante PoE powered speakers.

The name, “ADECIA”, is a make-up word and comes from DECIR in Spanish (to say or to tell) and "IA" indicates Intelligent Audio, which is Yamaha's strength.

Key Features

Capture Every Word

Capture Every Word

"Multi-beam Tracking" that scans for human voice and track simultaneous speech allowing for lively conversations. Its unique processing functionalities that help capture the human voice over noise help provide a smooth and stress-free remove conversation experience.

Complete Coverage from Sound Input to Output

ADECIA Ceiling Solution helps organizations overcome challenges with implementation, configuration and room acoustics by providing all components required for a successful installation. The new dynamic beamforming ceiling microphone array (RM-CG), new core processor (RM-CR), a Dante-optimized network switch and line-array POE+ powered speakers provide a complete solution designed to work effortlessly together.

Best Audio in Shortest Time

System automatically detects all components and configures them to be optimized for the room environment, taking into consideration location of speakers and microphones, reverberation characteristics of the room, and echo behavior. Setting up a room can be as easy as following the configurator through four steps of configuration.

Reduce Time, Spend and Complexities

Reduce Time, Spend and Complexities

Audio/control signals can be transmitted with one network cable using network audio standard, "Dante", solving troublesome wiring and installation problems.

Integration into All Audio Environments

Integration into All Audio Environments

Equipped with various interfaces such as USB, Bluetooth®, SIP, and audio input/output terminals, the system allows the flexibility to use for both web conference system and telephone line conferences. Supporting Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, as well as compliance with market leading UC applications, ADECIA Ceiling Solution gives you the flexibility to customize the solution to your specific needs.

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Sound processing for high quality remote conferencing experience

Multi-beam Tracking

Multi-beam tracking is a signal processing technology that can track multiple speakers by combining the use of Beamforming technology, which forms directivity with multiple microphone elements to pick up sound, to create multiple beams, and dynamic tracking technology, which allows each beam to cleverly track different speakers' voice when multiple speakers are present.

Adaptive Echo Canceller

While other echo canceller's measure the room and set levels once, Yamaha's adaptive echo cancellation is constantly scanning the environment for changes to deliver an uninterrupted, echo-free audio stream.

Auto Gain Control

This sound technology automatically adjusts voice levels to deliver a consistent, optimal volume level to the far-end, no matter if some voices are louder vs. weaker or closer vs. further away from the microphone. This automatic feature enables everyone to hear or be heard at an ideal level.

Noise Reduction

When constant noise like a projector fan or air conditioner system enters the communication space, Yamaha's Noise Reduction technology removes these components to clearly convey the presenter's audio to the far-end.


Reverberation from an acoustically-poor environment can make it difficult to distinguish a clear voice signal. Dereverberation suppresses these reverb components to deliver a highly-intelligible output.


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