Yamaha’s ADECIA Solution Certified for Cisco Collaboration Devices

Yamaha’s Solutions with Cisco
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What are Cisco Collaboration Devices?

Cisco Collaboration Devices are purpose-built hardware solutions, covering a range of modular video bars, room kits and integrated systems, that run on the secure Cisco RoomOS platform and are designed for seamless hybrid work across all kinds of meetings rooms and collaboration spaces. The comprehensive portfolio of Cisco video devices support the Webex-first RoomOS experience with advanced video interoperability with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet, and provide native, certified integration with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Why We Chose to Partner with Cisco

The partner ecosystem is built on Cisco’s certification program to ensure that customers get the best experience out of their Cisco Collaboration Devices and to make integration as seamless as possible when connecting with third-party room technology. The Yamaha ADECIA Ceiling Solution is compatible with a wide range of Cisco room systems, meeting boards and desk devices via reliable audio over USB integration.

High-Quality Audio

  • High-Quality Audio

Yamaha’s DSP technologies for exceptional audio quality.


  • Scalability

The scalable design makes the unit a cost-effective and flexible alternative to installed audio solutions.

Auto-tune setup

  • Auto-tune setup

It allows participants to get meetings started quickly with audio optimized to their room’s conditions.

Plug & Play

  • Plug & Play

Its plug-and-play simplicity. The flexible connectivity and set-up for any use case.

System Configuration

System Configuration Cisco

Configuration diagram above shows the integration between the Cisco Codec EQ/Room Kit EQ and the ADECIA Ceiling Solution. The configuration with other Cisco video endpoints follows the same integration pattern over USB.