Changes to the acoustic guitar

The Origins of the Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars had classical guitar alike shape at the early stage

The Yamaha Dynamic guitar (shown in the photo), basically classical guitar with steel strings, was in the market 50 years ago prior to the today’s steel string acoustic guitars. The Dynamic guitar used steel for strings, not the sheep intestines, instead of the nylon strings. The Dynamic guitar had pegbox type winding that of the classical guitar.

Character of the Dynamic guitars were its big volume sound for having steel strings instead of the nylon strings. The acoustic guitars came close to the today’s form by changing the body shape and depth to have bigger volume on later days.

Guitar bodies are getting thicker

The picture shows comparison of the two types of guitar body shape. The guitar on the right is the first guitar body produced in 1966 and on the left is the guitar body today. The 1966 guitar body depth is shallower(thicker). The shallower body produces edged and clear sound, however, richer sound over deep depth body is preferred even the body size is small. Then the body depth have become deeper as the time goes by.