Take a look at some examples of different sized sound systems designed for different applications.

We are happy to customize your House of Worship sound system for any size or application.

Please contact us and our system experts can find the right solution for your application!


Portable "On-The-Go" Worship

No physical band or separate PA is required

Portable "On-The-Go" Worship

When speech only is needed

Small Venue / Youth Space / Coffee House

Guitar and vocals only

Small Venue / Youth Space / Coffee House

Guitar and vocals only

More mic inputs are required

Small Venue / Youth Space

Full Band with "Silent Stage" capability


Small Venue / Youth Space

Standard venue permanent setup

Small Venue / Youth Space

Wider Floor Plan - standard venue permanent setup


Medium Venue

Silent stage with permanent setup

Modern Worship


Let us design your suitable system one by one.

NEXO is a leading French manufacturer of professional acoustic speaker systems and a subsidiary of Yamaha group. NEXO has been designing ground-breaking sound reinforcement solutions at its Parisian headquarters since 1979. The company’s pioneering technology, innovative designs and sonic excellence have enhanced live events across the globe for decades, gaining the respect and trust of sound professionals everywhere.

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