A Unique Professional Rack Mountable CD changer for installations

The CD-C603RK, Rack mountable CD changer offers high quality sound and a completely new CD listening experience with features such as PlayXchange and a full opening disk tray. PlayXchange allows you to change CD's while the CD on play will keep playing to enjoy uninterrupted music. In addition, the CD-C603RK has a full opening disc tray for changing 5 discs at the same time.

Pure Direct

The CD-C603RK offers Pure Direct, which is the same popular feature included in Yamaha amplifiers and receivers. By pressing the button on the front panel or on the remote control, it shuts down the digital audio output and turns off the display. This achieves the lowest possible noise interference and, therefore, the highest sound quality of the analog audio output.

High-Quality Parts for High-Quality Sound

Each of the individual elements in a CD player influences the sound quality, which is why Yamaha puts a great deal of effort into the selection and matching of parts and materials. There have been further upgrades in the sophisticated internal layout of the CD-C603RK making sound quality even better.

Laser Pickup Floating Mechanism

The laser pickup is isolated on a floating mechanism so its delicate operation cannot be affected by vibration.

Intelligent Digital Servo

Conventional tracking servo circuitry cannot completely overcome errors caused by a warped disc, dust and other defects. This system uses a dependable DSP (Digital Signal Processor), exclusive for CDs, to monitor the signal, adjusting pickup tracking and focus, as well as spindle motor speed, to compensate for any problems.

Enjoy Your MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC and FLAC Music

The USB port on the front panel gives you an easy way to enjoy high-quality sound from MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC or FLAC digital music files stored on USB memory devices. You can also play files recorded on CD-R/RW discs.

Other Notable Features

- Convenient playback functions (Random-sequence playback, Repeat playback, Program playback, A-B Repeat playback)

- Playback Mode Memory

- Ready Mode

- Automatic Playback

- Auto Power Standby

- 3-Mode time display

- 4 Illumination levels


The CD-C603RK, Rack mountable CD changer offers high quality sound and a completely new CD listening experience. Along with features such as a full opening disk tray, PlayXchange, and Pure Direct.

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