System Examples for Enhanced Convenience and Control

SWP1 series switches not only make it easier to design and install audio network systems, but result in more convenient and controllable installations as well.

Example 1: A Simple Two Switch System

One SWP1 switch is placed on stage and one is located at the FOH position. Optical fiber connection between the switches allows reliable data transmission over distances of up to 300 meters. A computer can be connected to either switch for monitoring and management control of the entire network.

Example 2: A Redundant Dante System

Separate switches are provided for the Dante primary and secondary connections. This configuration uses twice the number of switches and cables required for a single-connection system, but in cases where failsafe reliability is essential the redundancy is well worth the extra hardware.

Example 3: Redundant Dante Network with VLAN

In this example VLAN has been set up on the SWP1 switches, with the Dante primary line assigned to VLAN1 and the secondary line assigned to VLAN2. Only two switches are needed for redundant cable connections. Optional MMF-SWP1 optical modules need to be added to the SWP1 switches to allow optical connections for each line.

Example 4: VLAN for Simultaneous Dante and Amp Protocol

In this case VLAN1 handles the Dante network while VLAN2 hosts an amp monitoring and control network. This isolates and protects amp control from Dante multicast communication.

Example 5: Optical Modules for Redundant Backbone Connections

Optional MMF-SWP1 optical modules can be installed in the SWP1 switches to allow redundant backbone connections. Link Aggregation doubles the available bandwidth for ample network margin.

Example 6: Spanning Tree Protocol for Redundancy Between Switches

Spanning Tree protocol (MSTP/RSTP/STP) can provide redundancy between switches connected in a loop. This can be used in conjunction with Dante primary/secondary redundancy for even greater reliability. *The Spanning Tree configuration cannot be recalled from the VLAN presets, but the configuration files are provided on Yamaha pro audio website for your convenience.