TF Series

TF5 in all-in-one system

TF can be used to mix the large bands because it has 32ch inputs. Also, it has 16ch outputs that can be freely assigned allowing for 14 monitor outputs if 2ch has been used for main output. A TF can control both stage and monitor mixing.

MonitorMix App for iPhone allows players on stage to control their monitor level by themselves, thus increasing flexibility and efficiency when many players are involved.

System expansion with Tio1608-D

Tio1608-D allows you to easily expand a TF digital mixer system up to 40ch inputs/24ch outputs. System setup uses a Plug In & Play method. Simply connect Cat5e cable, select the device IDs and the system is ready. Remote HA control is available via Cat5e. StageMix App allows wireless remote control of the console from the arena, the stage or the audience etc.

Stage monitor system

TF consoles are equipped with enough outputs to be used as a monitor console. The Stereo AUXs have Insert FXs that allow you create professional IEM mixes. Also available is the MonitorMix App for iPhone. Up to ten MonitorMix Apps can be connected per console and these allow players on stage to independently control their own monitor level.

Compact system for conference/corporate events

The compact TF console is perfect for applications that require space-saving sound systems such as conferences or corporate events. Since TF1 is a rack-mountable console it will provide you with a simple and discreet sound system.

The eight Dugan channels of the TF1 provide the smarter, more elegant solution for speech applications. When the Dugan automixer is used, it automatically raises the gain of the active microphone inputs while lowering the gain of the inactive microphone inputs to create a consistent overall mix level. This eliminates the need for complex fader operation during presentations or panel discussions. Advanced Dugan automatic mixing algorithms also maintain a safe feedback margin, ensuring high quality, high clarity sound at all times.