Yamaha Experience and Technology

Yamaha is the world's top maker of musical instruments and our acoustic technology is so advanced, we even design concert halls.

We are also a leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment. Yamaha mixing consoles and amplifiers are used in many of the world's top music clubs, concert halls and recording studios.

We have been making speakers for decades, and have created many legendary models, including the NS-1000M and NS-10M. All of this technological expertise and experience has contributed to achieving the high performance capabilities of the KMS-910 /KMS-710.

High Quality Sound Developed for Karaoke

Yamaha's main concept behind the development of these Karaoke speakers is that "human ears are most sensitive to the human voice."

We therefore concentrated on achieving speakers that sound good for singers, with emphasis on the mid frequency range for vocals, including the higher ranges for female vocals.

They are designed to deliver excellent response, minimal coloration and low distortion, for high quality, reliable sound output.

The woofer cones are made of soft and light paper produced in Japan, and are perfect for karaoke sound. The woofer surrounds are also made with karaoke in mind, being light and easily movable.

Compared to previous speakers, the magnetic circuit is more powerful, enabling realization of the above mentioned excellent response, minimal coloration and low distortion.

Dual Bass Reflex Ports

Another feature that improves sound output for singing voices is the Dual Bass Reflex Ports.

Pro Studio-Type Design, Durable Body

Like all of Yamaha’s professional equipment, the design is clean, simple and easy to use. It is built for extreme durability and reliability, assuring high quality performance for many years.