12 cm (4-3/4") Midrange Driver and Horn Tweeter

The 12 cm (4-3/4") cone of the midrange driver is made of a compound paper material created specifically for midrange reproduction. The horn tweeter is designed to showcase karaoke vocals and music highs, for natural sound that does not get tiring to listen to.

Large Bass Reflex Port for Wide Bass Dispersion

Bass performance gets a big boost from the large 7.6 cm (3”) bass reflex port. With ceiling mounting, the sound from the port is not obstructed, achieving ideal dispersion characteristics.

Yamaha-Designed High Quality Crossover Network

The crossover is a vital link between the speaker components, so Yamaha designed its own direct connection crossover network.

One more example of the complete commitment to optimum performance.

High Performance Internal and External Durability

The 3-way structure not only optimizes the performance in each sound range, it also limits the stress placed on each speaker unit.