Yamaha Knows Music!

Yamaha is world renowned as a manufacturer of musical instruments and of professional audio equipment such as mixing consoles, amplifiers and speakers. Our equipment is used in many of the world's top music clubs, concert halls and recording studios. Of course we are also a leader in the field of home audio, with decades of experience making high quality speakers. This unrivaled combination of expertise in music and audio technology is behind the high performance of our karaoke speakers.

Specialized Karaoke Sound

With these speakers, Yamaha was determined to achieve the ideal sound for karaoke: clear and natural vocals, distortion-free music with good bass, and a smooth, “soft” sound with no harshness that can make it tiring to listen to, especially at close range and at fairly high volumes. The bass and midrange have been particularly finetuned for these two models.

Top Quality Woofers and Tweeters

The woofer cones are made of soft, light paper sourced in Japan, and are extremely responsive. The woofer surrounds use a new type of urethane that is more resistant to humidity than previous types, for greater durability. The tweeters use a specially designed waveguide that controls the vertical and horizontal sound ouput for better directionality and optimum sound dispersion. It also helps to increase sound pressure level and smooth frequency response.

Professional Design and Durability

The design is clean and simple, with a curved grille providing a professional appearance. These speakers are also built for pro-level durability, assuring high quality performance for many years.