Cleaning Swab for Woodwind

An microfiber material developed specifically for swab use is not only absorbent, but passes smoothly through the instrument for easy, thorough cleaning.

Cleaning Swab S

For Saxophone necks and woodwind mouthpieces

  • 250mm×300mm

Cleaning Swab M

For Eb、Bb、A and Alto Clarinet

  • 300mm×350mm

Cleaning Swab L

For Bass Clarinet

  • 500mm×550mm

Cleaning Swab OB

For Oboe

  • 15/250mm×1000mm

Cleaning Swab SAX

For Saxophone

  • 650mm×650mm

Cleaning Swab Bassoon

For Bassoon

Bocal Swab

For Bassoon bocal

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Some models may not be available in some countries.