Disklavier Controller

Display all radio channels or album songs in a list

Songs from USB memory or recorded on the Disklavier™, as well as the various Disklavier radio channels available are displayed in a list, offering quick access to the songs and channels you want.

Easy control of the Disklavier’s extensive listening functions

Disklavier Controller lets you use your smartphone to configure or alter settings intuitively for listening, such as transposing a tune, changing its tempo, or adjusting its balance.Disklavier Controller allows you to set or change the following functions. -Volume balance with sound source -Transposition -Song playback tempo -Part canceling (switching the left- or right-hand parts on and off)

Also compatible with recording functions

You can also use Disklavier Controller to record songs that you perform, and even make use of the intuitive interface of your smartphone for easy entry of song titles when your recording is complete.