RBXA2 Discontinued

A.I.R.(Alternative Internal Resonance)

Our A.I.R. development team took the design used on the RGXA2 and adapted it for use with a bass guitar. The instrument's structure consists of lightweight core material sandwiched in between solid materials. Strings passing through the backside of the body transmit energy throughout the entire body delivering outstanding resonance and excellent response.

Original Bridge

To provide the utmost in functionality, the compact bridge is designed without any protruding parts such as screws, etc. Sound tubes passing through the body underneath the bridge directly transmit string energy to the body.

Original Pickups

An original pickup was developed to match the RBXA2's body design. It produces a well-shaped attack and clear tone with presence. Tonal character is smooth from the low range through to the high, and it delivers some truly great distortion.

LEDs Illuminated Volume Controls

The 3-control system includes front volume, rear volume, and master tone controls. Volume levels for both front and rear pickups are indicated by LED brightness. Looks are simply cool onstage.