DTX502 Series

Build your dream kit!

Many custom kits can be created from a basic five-piece configuration with just a spark of imagination and a few changes to the setup. Let the wide selection of Yamaha DTX-PADs and cymbals inspire you to design your own DTX dream kit.

Fusion KIt

Your music makes a bold statement, and this Fusion Kit looks as good as it plays. Starting with the DTX562K you can add an extra XP70 tom pad with TPCL150 clamp, install a CYAT500 with PCY100 for a second crash, and a PCY90AT for the perfect splash cymbal.

1 Up 2 Down Kit

All five-piece kits are not created equal - this is an all DTX-PAD set for the way you rock. Start with the DTX562K and add two extra crash cymbals with a pair each of PCY100 and CYAT500. Use the TPCL150 clamp to strategically position the TP70 pad for use as a cowbell, loop pad, or sound effect.

Bop Kit

When it comes to jazz music, sometimes less is just perfect. This Bop Kit configuration uses a DTX562K that is setup with the taller posts on the left side behind the hi-hat. By removing one XP70 tom pad, the kit has a very open feel, and the ride cymbal can be repositioned closer to the toms.

Hyper Kit

The Hyper Kit is a great example of creative thinking when setting up electronic drums. Using a standard DTX562K, this dream kit configuration uses the tall rack posts on the left side to accommodate an XP70 tom and TPCL150 clamp. Extra cymbal pads and attachments compliment the lower position of the ride cymbal, and adding a DTX-MULTI 12 mounted on a stand offers you a world of musical options.

Hybrid Use cases

The DTX502 series kits are great for incoprorating electronics into your acoustic drum set to create a "hybrid" setup.

Hybrid Use cases

Use a standard multi-clamp such as the Yamaha CSAT924A to mount the trigger module and pads to your drum hardware and setup the KP65 as an auxilliary bass drum. The DTX502 module has the hybrid features you need, such as custom trigger settings for use with triggers on acoustic drums, the ability to associate trigger settings to your custom kits, and sounds that let you cover any musical situation.

Example : Advanced hybrid use case