NS-C310 Discontinued

High Sound Quality for the HD Era

With more and more music and movie sources becoming high definition, such as digital broadcasting and Blu-ray Discs, yourspeakers have to keep pace. They have to be able to clearly reproduce the extra level of detail, clarity and depth that these sourcesprovide. The NS-310 Series uses new materials and precision-designed cabinets to ensure the best possible sound from HDsources. Since these speakers are tuned for transparency, resolution and stereo positioning, they’re superb for listening to your other hi-fi sources as well.

Aluminum Cone Woofers

Bass response is outstanding, with high resolution and clear sound orientation, while the overall sound is transparent and highlydetailed. The use of lightweight, high stiffness aluminum for the woofer diaphragm allows high speed cone movement for fastresponse to each sound (fast attack).In addition, because the unit does not have magnetic shielding, a larger than normal magnet could be used, allowing more sound information to be extracted from the source for more realistic sound staging.

Soft Dome Tweeter

The 3cm (1-1/8") tweeter has a soft dome made by applying a thick coating to a lightweight material. With an upper limit of 50kHz, it provides exceptional high frequency response with sharp details and a clean, transparent sound. inaddition, the magnet is an extra-powerful neodymium type. As a result, the tweeter is extremely light to minimize sound loss, yet is highly durable.

Slim, Precision-Shaped Cabinet with Sandblasted Front Panel

The cabinets are precision-shaped to efficiently produce rich and deep bass response, and prevent standing and diffracted waves.Sandblasted aluminum front panels give the speakers a cool, high-tech look.