Colours / Finishes

High frequency reproduction that is truly outstanding. A 45 kHz (–10 dB) HiFi small bookshelf speaker. Bright, dense and wide range, it makes music listening a comfortable experience.

  • All-new 3 cm (1”) aluminium dome tweeter capable of 45kHz (–10 dB) reproduction is compatible with high resolution sound sources
  • Unique waveguide horn controls the directivity of the tweeter
  • Supple and strong. 13 cm (5”) woofer with a PMD cone that finely hones the low tones’ expressive power
  • Rounded shape suppresses standing waves, and its double structure finish strengthens the front baffle
  • Front baffle features a black or white mirror-like piano finish
  • Beautiful black side panels with elegant round shape
  • Wall mountable

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Some models may not be available in some countries.