NS-600A New


Fusing rich aesthetics with the latest advanced technology, Yamaha—famed also for its musical instruments—has created the NS-600A bookshelf speaker.

The gorgeous cabinet features a piano-like finish, while Yamaha’s unique Harmonious Diaphragm™ produces exceptionally unified tone, and the speakers deliver outstanding sound field reproduction unique to bookshelf models. The result is a truly special listening experience for fully immersing yourself in the music.

The elegant appearance of Yamaha’s NS-600A merges the style of the piano with the design philosophy of the speaker. Yamaha’s signature gloss finish has been adopted on these speakers, using the same process as used on our grand pianos, a process reserved for a limited number of products in Yamaha’s range. This elegant finish presents the speaker as a stylish piece of furniture, providing a gratifying feeling both when listening to music and even when not.


This is sound that only Yamaha can realize as the only audio brand in the world that handles everything from the moment a sound is created to the time it reaches the human ear. Simply close your eyes and feel the artist performing right there in front of you, and experience the profound sensation of being truly ‘Closer to the Artist.’

Every ear hears the world differently. Yamaha expresses sound as the artist intended. Reproducing sonic elements such as vocals, instruments at the right pitch requires both passion and precision. Yamaha accomplishes this through tonal balance, enriching harmonies and recreating musicality to help you hear sounds you couldn't hear before.

Delivering the sounds of musical instruments as they are. As a world-renowned musical instrument brand, Yamaha is relentlessly committed to this mission. In order to make this quest a reality, we created flagship speakers under the design concept of having consistent tone color throughout the entire frequency spectrum and applied unique technology to achieve it. For each and every one of its speaker units, the NS-600A employs the newly developed Harmonious Diaphragm™—made from a blend of ZYLON®, which has excellent sound velocity and optimal internal dissipation, and spruce, which is actually used in the soundboard of Yamaha grand pianos and is essential for emanating sound. This ensures that the harmonies of the sound stand out and the music is richer and more beautiful.

As opposed to merely producing powerful sound, we pursue a sense of dynamics that express the contrast between stillness and motion in the music allowing you to feel the intensely deep emotions in the music and immerse yourself in that musical world.


Yamaha's patented R.S. (Resonance Suppression) chambers are mounted on the back of the tweeter in order to faithfully express even the finest nuances of musical instruments and voices. Two specially shaped tubes cancel unwanted resonance generated behind the diaphragm, revitalizing the original sound and maintaining the minute musical nuances.


Conventional speakers use a large amount of sound-absorbing material to eliminate standing waves inside the cabinet, but also removes much of the inherent freshness of the music. In the NS-600A, we’ve employed our patented Absorber tube to eliminate standing waves, and yet minimize the amount of absorbing material, so that the original realism of music is reproduced with full energy and dynamism.

The position of the artist and the instrument, and even the delicate nuances and very atmosphere of the performance space are stunningly reproduced just as they are. The resulting soundstage is so incredibly realistic, you’ll feel as if you were watching the performance unfold right in front of you.


The basis for producing excellent sound—determining what makes the enclosure sound and where to suppress vibration—is virtually identical whether making musical instruments or making speakers. The cabinet construction of the NS-600A incorporates state-of-the-art speaker design technology that makes full use of laser vibrometers, used in musical instrument research and development, and sophisticated FEM (Finite Element Method) analysis. The cross piece of the cabinet has been optimally reinforced, realizing superior sound localization that makes you feel as if you were right there in the performance, and delivers outstanding expressive power that fully reproduces even the most delicate instrumental and vocal nuances.


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Representative of the flagship series, the NS-600A adopts the highest quality parts for the crossover circuit. The MCap® SUPREME Classic audio capacitor made by Mundorf of Germany, renowned as the pinnacle in audio-use capacitor, is used along with a huge woofer coil.


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The speaker is equipped with Yamaha's original Twisted Flare Port, which alters the way air spreads toward the end of the port, adding a gentle twist to reduce air flow noise around the port, a common problem in conventional bass reflex speakers, and delivers exceptionally accurate response with clear, tight bass reproduction.


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The speaker terminals feature an original design, with a shape that comfortably fits with human fingers for a luxurious feel, while simultaneously allowing for effortless tightening.

NS-600A New

The NS-600A is a compact 2-way speaker that provides faithful timbre of all musical instruments and precise sound images.

  • 2 way bookshelf speaker with 13cm woofer
  • A newly developed "Harmonious Diaphragm™" made of a blend of materials, including Zylon® and spruce, for true tonal balance
  • Ideal cabinet construction, designed with vibration analysis technology cultivated in our crafting of musical instruments
  • Yamaha-patented Acoustic Absorber optimized for the NS-600A
  • Yamaha-patented R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chamber for suppressing unwanted resonance
  • Authentic piano finish adds to the luxurious joy of ownership
  • High-quality parts for crossover circuitry, including audio capacitors made by Mundorf of Germany
  • Solid brass speaker terminals for highly secure connection and luxurious feel

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Some models may not be available in some countries.