EPH-200 Discontinued

Compatible with High-Resolution Audio. Expert acoustic tuning. Delivers full, concert-like ‘live’ sound.

EPH-200 Discontinued

Compatible with High-Resolution Audio. Expert acoustic tuning. Delivers full, concert-like ‘live’ sound.

  • Highly rigid metal body combined of two materials, quality-confirmed through meticulous listening tests.
  • Ultra-compact 6 mm (1/4”) driver customised for High-Resolution Audio sources.
  • Detachable cable featuring MMCX connectors.
  • Serrated cable surface reduces friction noise.
  • Optimum wearing comfort as well as stylish, unobtrusive fit ― thanks to adjustable 4-angle connection for setting cable direction.
  • Specially designed dual-flange eartips create a secure fit for superior sound insulation.
  • Smart cable holders (patented) prevent cable tangling / bending during storage and carrying.

Feel the sophistication

High-precision metal housing

The metal body of the EPH-200 is crafted from high-precision aluminium and nickel-plated brass, the result of a careful selection of materials and rigorous listening tests. The high rigidity eliminates muddiness in the sound due to resonance. Moreover, the capacity of the housing ensures an exceptionally wide dynamic range, letting you enjoy a natural, ‘live’ sound — like listening to live music.

Experience every detail

High-Resolution Audio compatibility

The EPH-200 features a customised 6 mm (1/4”) ultra-compact driver with a response of 20-40,000 Hz, for fully reproducing High-Resolution Audio sources. Enjoy the luscious realism of the entire audio spectrum — from the subtle breath of a singer to the sound of fingers caressing the strings. And since the driver unit can fit near the eardrum, unnecessary sound reflection inside the ear canal is suppressed, resulting in a more pure, accurate sound.

Enjoy with confidence

Detachable cable

As a favourite set of earphones you’ll want to keep using for a long time, the EPH-200 features MMCX connectors. To improve durability, the design incorporates a connection part made of resin for cushioning against the terminal. In addition, a supple PVC material with serrated surface is used for the cables, reducing the noise caused by physical friction with clothing.

Style that suits you best

Three-way usage

The EPH-200 conveniently lets you set the earphones/cable connection, depending on how you want to wear them. Simply set the connection to one of four angles (fixed at every 90°), and position the cable in the desired direction ― for the most natural, comfortable and stylish fit.

Optimum sound — especially for you

Dual-flange eartips

Since the fit of earphones has enormous impact on actual sound quality, the EPH-200 has its own specially designed dual-flange eartips. The first flange leads the driver to the inside of the ear along the auditory canal, while the second flange firmly secures the earphones to the ear. This results in a more powerful yet tightly defined bass. Moreover, there are five different-sized eartips so you can get the best fit.

Comfort and convenience

Smart cable holder

A uniquely designed smart cable holder (patented) lets you conveniently bundle the earphones and the plug with a single touch ― giving you a ‘ smart’ way to listen to music, preventing the cable from tangling or bending during storage and carrying.

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