TSX-14 Discontinued

A space to relax with music

TSX-14 Discontinued

Simply dock your iPhone and listen to your favorite music while it charges.Let the sound envelop you naturally, relaxing both mind and body.The TSX-14 has been designed to fit right in with the way you live,bringing music closer to you and creating an agreeably comfortable space.

Simply dock and play—with great quality sound

Playing music from your iPhone or iPod is effortless—just plug into the unit’s lightning dock connector and you’re all set. Featuring a bass-reflex port and two 5cm full-range speakers, which are tilted slightly upward to reduce mid-frequency loss and allow clearer reproduction, the TSX-14 delivers all the richness of stereo sound from a compact unit.

Unique design and available in five colors

The moulded body is characterized by elegant curves that appear to change depending on the angle you are looking from. The circular control panel has been machined with concentric circles then subjected to a high-intensity aluminum powder coat and finished to a beautiful gloss. The intuitive layout allows immediate control over functions such as power, volume and input switching.

Handy clock function

The unit’s stylish clock displays a bright red LED that seems to float over the speaker grill. The clock also has an alarm function, so you can place the TSX-14 at your bedside and use it to set your wake-up time.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products. Some models may not be available in some countries.