Yamaha Announces New CD-C603RK Rack-Mountable CD Player

Yamaha Corporation is pleased to announce the CD-C603RK rack-mountable CD player, which is designed to deliver high-quality background music for events and in-store playback, smoothly and without interruption.

As the world's leading manufacturer of musical instruments and audio equipment, Yamaha is uniquely positioned to reproduce every nuance of recorded music as the artist intended, whatever the genre.

The CD-C603RK delivers supreme audio quality, thanks to its sophisticated electronic circuit structure, high performance digital to analogue converter (DAC) and careful tuning. Together, these produce incredibly detailed, accurate sound throughout the frequency spectrum. Reproducing every note with perfect timbre, it’s a sound which highlights the emotive contrast between stillness and motion, with a sense of atmosphere that makes you believe you are actually there.

The CD-C603RK features a fully open disc tray, which allows five CDs to be changed at the same time. Yamaha’s PlayXchange technology means CDs can be changed without any interruption to playback, while the unit also has a number of convenient playback modes. These include ‘ready mode’, which pauses playback after each song, and ‘play mode memory’, which retains the current playback mode even when the power is switched off, making it ideal for in-store music playback.

“The CD-C603RK is the ideal commercial rackmount CD player for music at events, stores and other commercial facilities,” says Thomas Hemery, Yamaha General Manager of Global Marketing and Sales Department, Professional Solutions Division. “We are sure this is a great solution for offering high sound quality and flexible operation in a wide variety of situations.”

Yamaha CD-C603RK image


The CD-C603RK, Rack mountable CD changer offers high quality sound and a completely new CD listening experience. Along with features such as a full opening disk tray, PlayXchange, and Pure Direct.