Violin Course

Violin Course


Start an exciting musical journey with the guide of our special curriculum and to nurture the sense of the joy in playing musical instruments, to master performance skills overall in order to give children the confidence and willingness to tackle various music examinations.

Finger and bowing exercises sample

These subjects are essential to develop an accurate pitch and bowing stability, they are introduced starting from the easier patterns, then gradually moving on to the more advanced. The exercises are supplemented with sound accompaniments to spark students’ interest and make them more fun to play.

Repertoire sample

The repertoire pieces have been chosen and arranged to suite the purpose of each teaching step. Students will enjoy playing well known pieces, selected according to their individual needs under the guidance of our qualified teachers. They will also experience playing with accompaniments and as an ensemble.

Course Contents

■Bowing and finger exercise  ■Scales and arpeggio  ■Articulation exercise  ■Repertoire

Yamaha Violin Levels of Examination

This course prepares students to take Yamaha violin Grade Examination, which is an internationally recognized examination system, enables everyone who is learning music to improve his/her musical skills in a well-planned manner while verifying their musical ability, starting from the very beginners, as an essential step for motivation and establishment of a solid musical foundation.


Target Students:

6 years old and above

Course Progression:

6 units per book
About one book per year
You’ll advance to the level that's just right for you.

Course Materials:

Violin 1-3 books & Audio materials

Lesson Duration:

30 or 60 minutes


Individual or group lessons