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Teacher Recruitment

Join team of professional and well qualified teachers.


1. Grade 8 ABRSM or equivalent degree in music

2. Sufficient knowledge of theory, harmony and improvisation

3. English language

4. Age below 35 years

5. Willingness to move to GCC region

6. Willingness to teach students in a group lesson setting

7. Willingness to take training seminars and to apply Yamaha's unique method

Working Conditions:

1. School Location: Doha (Qatar), Dubai (U.A.E.) or Riyadh (K.S.A.)

2. Employed by the local Yamaha distributor

3. Working Hours: 6 days / week – 7 hours / day

4. Holidays: 1 month during school's summer break

5. Medical insurance provided

Teacher trainings:

Piano Teachers will undertake Junior Music Course training (about 4-6 months) and Yamaha Piano Course (about 2 weeks).