Piano Course

Yamaha Piano Course (YPC)


In the YPC lesson, students will learn in an easy and effective way and will develop comprehensive piano playing abilities from introductory to advanced level.

YPC allows Yamaha students to learn not only ‘playing’ the piano but also experience other musical elements such as ‘listening to performances’, ‘develop score reading skills’, ‘analyzing’, ‘creating accompaniments, improvise’ and 'enjoy playing in ensembles'. They will become not only great performers with opportunities of concert participation, but they also will develop their creativity and learn how to compose their own music.

Solo Repertoire Sample 01

Solo Repertoire Sample 01

Solo Repertoire Sample 02

Solo Repertoire Sample 02

Yamaha Piano Grade Examination

YPC course prepares students to take Yamaha Piano Grade examination, which is an internationally recognized examinations system, enables everyone who is learning music to improve their musical skills in a well-planned manner while verifying their musical ability, starting from the very beginners, as an essential step for motivation and establishment of a solid musical foundation.
* Examinations are recommended but not mandatory.


Target Students:

6-12 years old


Individual lessons

Course Progression:

Level 1 (Beginner) to
Level 12 (Advanced)
You’ll advance to the level that's just right for you.

Lesson Duration:

30 or 60 minutes

Course Materials:

Pianoforte 1-12 books
Audio materials for books 1-8