Yamaha Piano Course

Acquire the ability to express your thoughts and feelings through playing the piano and feel “The joy of music”.

Yamaha Piano Course Features

Yamaha Piano Course is individual lessons that designed to help school-age children to adult play piano for the first time and develop aspiring musicians.

Comprehensive Music Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to develop the fundamental musical abilities (Hearing, Singing, Playing, Reading & Creating) and enrich the musical expression.

Students become able to analyse music and create appropriate accompaniment with teacher’s guidance. They play a wide variety of musical styles as solo / ensemble player with their teacher to develop comprehensive Piano playing abilities from introductory to advanced level.

Effective Teaching Materials

The textbooks and CDs are designed to develop abilities such as Solfage singing, Keyboard Harmony, Etude, Music theory etc. The CDs provide piano performances of all pieces as well as the accompaniment for repertoire pieces.

Supporting International Examination

This course prepares students to take Yamaha examination as well as recognised international piano grade examinations.

* Examinations are recommended but not mandatory.

Yamaha Piano Course Structure & Elements

Level of Grade Examinations

Yamaha Grade Examination is for assessing student’s overall ability and progress being made during classes. Yamaha Grade for students starts at level 13 and progress through to Grade 6.