Yamaha International Highlight Concert

Performances by Students of Yamaha Music School Around the World will be on Youtube!

"Yamaha International Highlight Concert 2023" was held on 3rd December in Jakarta, Indonesia, featuring students from Yamaha Music Schools in more than 40 countries and regions around the world.

The concert brought together selected high-level students from around the world, regardless of genre, including original compositions written by the students themselves, classical piano pieces, and Ensembles.

14 pairs of students from Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and for the first time, Venezuela, will participate on the day.

The first time in four years that the event was held in person!

The event will be available as an online premiere on the Yamaha Global YouTube Channel on February 18, 2024, and you can continue to watch the video here.

We hope you will join us to experience the excitement of the venue and the wonderful performances of Yamaha's proud students.

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Julián Ugas (11), Naomi Martínez (12), Margett Sánchez (24), Victoria Padilla (15), Joaquin Sosa (13), Giuseppe De Francesco (28), Dave Parra Surga (14) / Venezuela

CALIPSO (Eloy Miguel Dávila Gómez) / PMC / Ensemble

The "Calipso" piece represent the Caribbean Sea in Latin American territory. It is composed on rhythmic bases between the variations of the musical form of the Calipso of the different countries where this genre is performed, fused with a pop groove, within a harmony with a happy and party feeling that accompanies the lyrics that tell the story of the children when they go to the beaches of the Caribbean Sea to play and have fun among the sea, sandcastles built by them, seagulls and a geography of blue, green and yellow colors. It is very traditional that in Venezuela children go to the beach with their families on their summer vacations, weekends and on many dates and live these experiences. To finish, this Calipso piece describes a Latin American party from the beach but in an environment of children, their friends and their family.

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Hsu, Shan Chieh (8) / Taiwan

Space Travel (Hsu, Shan Chieh) / JOC / Electone solo

I like the stars, and I also like the moon. I really hope that one day, I can drive a spaceship to explore outer space and find my planetary paradise.

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Keira Chung (10) / Canada

Cat and Mouse (Keira Chung) / JOC / Piano solo

A cat discovers a mouse living in a hole in the wall. Every day, when the mouse comes out, the cat chases it all over the house! One day, the mouse scurries back into the hole, never to return. Now the cat can finally relax.

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Bi Yoo (10) / South Korea 

The Last Stage (Bi Yoo) / JOC / Piano solo

"The Last Stage" is a piece that expresses various emotions felt by an old dancer as he remembers his youthful days taking the final stage.

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Isaac Nathaniel Lukito Setiawan (12) / Indonesia

Macro Contraption (Isaac Nathaniel Lukito Setiawan) / JOC / Electone solo

I named it macro contraption because the contraption is big like a technology.

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Jaden Wan Wen Xi (11) / Malaysia

The Spy (Jaden Wan Wen Xi) / JOC / Piano solo

I composed this piece because I love suspense moments, and I wanted to put those feelings in my piece.

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Yee You Ray (15) / Singapore

Through Time (Yee You Ray) / JOC / Piano solo

My piece is in the form of a theme and 12 variations, where each variation is in a different key and a different style. The title of my piece, "Through Time", represents a journey the listeners take through the piece, experiencing different styles of music of the past.

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Michael Ethan Hoo (14) / Indonesia

Through the Dream World (Michael Ethan Hoo) / JOC / Ensemble, Co-performer: Gisella Bertha Amran (17), Joshua Edward Soesito (16), Hanif Arfandi (22), Joety Johannes Aaron Bongku (20), Anna Hanafi (18)

The piece was inspired by a dream that I had, and the piece is about journeying to my dream world.

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The performers choose one of the melodies collected from the audience that day and improvise in their own style in a relay format. A song created by the audience and performers will reverberate throughout the concert hall!

Please look forward to an exciting program.

Improvised performance is to play spontaneously by expressing the feeling and ideas occurred in one's mind.

Yamaha Music School is aiming at developing the student's ability to express music creatively by learning music comprehensively. Composing music and playing by improvisation is, in fact, the goal of creative music expression!

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Lim Yee Vaine (10) / Malaysia

Italian Concerto in F major, BMV 971: I. Allegro (J. S. Bach) / YJPC / Piano solo

A beautiful solo concerto piece by Italian concerto by Bach. I am very happy and an honor to represent my country.

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Lim Han Quan (26) / Singapore

Kibou (HOPE) / YEF / Electone solo

Kibou (HOPE), as the title suggests, is forward-looking, and gives strength and vitality to flourish in life. Memorable melodies and gorgeous orchestration with scat voices bring positivity to listeners, and it is hoped that one will be inspired with every fibre of their being to carry this vigour and passionate energy to others.

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Nopparat Thongta (18), Chutimon Khwanngern (21) / Thailand

I like being alone (Ink Waruntorn Paonil) / PMC / Ensemble

This single is named ชอบอยู่คนเดียว (Chop-You-Kon-Deaw). The artist is Ink Waruntorn under BOXX MUSIC since 2022. The name of the song seems to be lonely, but when we listen to the lyrics, it is actually a love song. The lyric is about only loving this person, and the person still doesn’t know.

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Jin Yongxiang (15) / China

Just Wanna Music (Jin Yongxiang) / JOC / Ensemble, Co-performer: Huang Yaqiong

The melody is performed by Erhu and electric guitar, which is a mixture of traditional Chinese music and pop music. There are also exciting parts such as the guitar solo part, and there are slow parts. This mixed music style better represents the connection between every music fan’s heart. Moreover, the percussion and the Erhu solo resonate with the elements in my previous pieces, recalling my progress in music.

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Shiho Numanoi (15) / Japan

Ballade (Shiho Numanoi) / JOC / Piano solo

This piano music expresses the inner life of my heart. Sadness, joy and hope are played on the piano.

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Marius Febrian Widyatmoko (16), Audrey Elisabeth Pardede (15), Fathir Muhammad Zhilan (17), Fariz Bagaskara Utomo (20), Rayhan Tyaga Maulana (18), Denaya S.G. Panjaitan (13), Georgius Cafasso (15) / Indonesia

Traditional Indonesian Medley (Arranged by Kenan Loui Widjaja) / PMC / Ensemble

This is traditional Indonesian song from North Sumatera and North Sulawesi, we present this arrangement to introduce beautiful Indonesian culture.

Concept of Key Visual

For the key visual of the concert on the top of the page, a "mega mendung" (cloud), one of the famous batik patterns in Indonesia, was used for the two warriors in a traditional puppet show in Indonesia, where the concert will be held.

The design is intended to welcome the performers who will cross the sky and come from all over the world, as well as to create excitement in the city of Jakarta for the first time in 4 years.

What is the Yamaha International Highlight Concert?

The first Yamaha International Highlight Concert (YIHC) was held in Singapore in 2019 and this year marks the 5th anniversary.

Established as the top Yamaha Music School (YMS) concert worldwide, the YIHC showcases high-level performances by Yamaha students from countries around the world.

This concert will feature students who have participated in various concerts organized by Yamaha worldwide, including the Junior Original Concert (JOC), Yamaha Electone Festival (YEF), Yamaha Junior Piano Competition (YJPC), and Popular Music Course (PMC).

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What is Yamaha Music School?

The philosophy of Yamaha Music School is "To foster the musical sensitivity that everyone is born with, to develop the ability to enjoy creating and playing the music of their own and ultimately share the joy of music with anyone."

We are actively involved in training teachers, developing teaching materials, implementing a Yamaha Grade Examination System, and holding concerts.

In addition, we are promoting the popularization of music and educational activities while also working on the development of schools around the world as well as staff training.

Yamaha Music School first opened in Japan in 1954, followed by the first international location in Los Angeles, USA in 1964, and now over 160,000 students learn and experience the joy of music around the world.