Ahmed Rabie

Biography texts

Biography texts

Ahmed Rabie was born in Cairo. He spent his earlier days listening and observing music of famous musicians such as Om Kalthoum, Abd El Halim, Mohamed Fawzy, Mohamed Abd El Wahab, Elton John, and Santana. At the age of thirteen, he began his musical studies; he started learning the music notes by Egyptian tutors and studied theories and techniques of great famous musicians worldwide such as Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Steve Gadd and Ed Thigpen. He was very captivated by the modern school of Jazz and its related musicians especially Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith and Dave Weckl.

Ahmed shortly created his musical band with Egypt's most skilful musicians. They performed numerous successful concerts in Hanager Center of Arts, Cairo Opera House and at the yearly Citadel Musical Festival. He had stayed in Europe for a consecutive year making tours in some European countries such as France, Switzerland and Austria. He had played in various international musical festivals examples of which; the yearly Frankfurt Musical Festival in Germany, Leans Festival in Austria and Chiasso in Switzerland. This had greatly impacted Ahmed getting him more accustomed to play with different musicians from all over the world.

He established his 'Jazz Fusion Band' in 1996. Which until date, performs regular concerts at the Cairo Opera House and maintains great respect and appeal amongst the fans and peers. It is worth mentioning that Ahmed is one of the few percussionists to lead his band and has assembled skilful Egyptian and European musicians. He has composed numerous distinctive tunes and rearranged various remarkable musical pieces.

In 1998 he received an award from the Faculty of Music in Cairo for his innovative advanced musical level. He had played with some famous musicians such as Chick Corea's Bass Guitarist 'Jimmy Earl', the legendary Herbie Hancock during his visit to Cairo in March 2001 and the great Hossam Ramzy who is currently living in London.

Further, in his musical career, Ahmed Rabie has become a Yamaha Artist with the endorsement of the drum set Absolute Hybrid Maple.