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For Brass & Woodwinds

Yamaha Oboe YOB-441T

New Oboes YOB-441T, YOB-441MT and YOB-441AT

New versatile "American" style oboes for comfortable playing.

New YCL-CX Bb & A Clarinets, YCL-650 Bb Clarinet, YCL-631 Alto Clarinet

New standards of playability and performance

Yamaha CLR25

Reeds for Clarinets and Saxophones

New standards of playability and performance

New Bb Trumepets

Wayne Bergeron is well-known on the international music scene for his ability to bring brilliant performances to a wide range of genres. Mr. Bergeron joined the Yamaha development team in 2006 for initial development of the YTR-8335LA(S) Custom model, which has now evolved to its second generation.

Yamaha Venova YVS-140

New YVS-140

A fun new wind instrument that blends the simplicity of recorder with the sound of a saxophone. The Tenor Venova makes it easy for anyone—even beginners—to make gentle voice.

HD-300 Harmony Director

Harmony Director HD-300 can show quickly correct tempo and intonation which is difficult for directors to explain. Through listening sound from HD-300, players can learn their ear and rhythmic sense efficiently. HD-300 will support everybody’s performance to learn fundamental musical technics efficiently and to share the pleasure of music.

Yamaha Trumpet Special Site

Xeno 30th Anniversary Since 1990

New P-37ERD

RIVETING IN RED. We added a red model to the already available brown and black pianicas. The red pianica’s tone matches its vivid color with a clearer timbre than the black and brown pianicas, and the sound carries well in live performances. No doubt it will also look bright and beautiful on stage.

Digital Saxophone YDS-150 Allows You to Enjoy Playing Anytime, Anywhere

Yamaha Corporation announces the release of a new wind instrument product, the newly developed digital saxophone YDS-150.

New Baritone Saxophones YBS series

New standards of baritone sax design backed by years of research and development.