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For Brass & Woodwinds

New YFH-8310Z/YHF-8315G

Created in close cooperation with Bobby Shew, the YFH-8310Z is a traditional flugelhorn that combines brilliance and lightness in a significantly evolved instrument. A stable high register and rich tonality offer new levels of musical expression. The unique character of this model will stand out in live jazz venues as well as studio applications.

Yamaha Cornets YCR-6335II

New YCR-6335II Bb Cornets

New professional series cornet YCR-6335SII is the successor of YCR-6330SII launched in 1997 introducing the new manufacturing technology of valve casing which gives even better quality especially in its tone color and blow-feel.

Yamaha Music Gulf FZE Scholarship Program 2022-23

Contact your regional authorized Yamaha distributor and register your details to participate in Yamaha Scholarship Program 2022-23.

Yamaha Oboe YOB-441T

New Oboes YOB-441T, YOB-441MT and YOB-441AT

New versatile "American" style oboes for comfortable playing.

New YCL-CX Bb & A Clarinets, YCL-650 Bb Clarinet, YCL-631 Alto Clarinet

New standards of playability and performance

Yamaha CLR25

Reeds for Clarinets and Saxophones

New standards of playability and performance

New Bb Trumepets

Wayne Bergeron is well-known on the international music scene for his ability to bring brilliant performances to a wide range of genres. Mr. Bergeron joined the Yamaha development team in 2006 for initial development of the YTR-8335LA(S) Custom model, which has now evolved to its second generation.

Yamaha Venova YVS-140

New YVS-140

A fun new wind instrument that blends the simplicity of recorder with the sound of a saxophone. The Tenor Venova makes it easy for anyone—even beginners—to make gentle voice.

HD-300 Harmony Director

Harmony Director HD-300 can show quickly correct tempo and intonation which is difficult for directors to explain. Through listening sound from HD-300, players can learn their ear and rhythmic sense efficiently. HD-300 will support everybody’s performance to learn fundamental musical technics efficiently and to share the pleasure of music.

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