Creating a comfortable environment with Voice Lift

Voice Lift allows people in the same room to be heard clearly everywhere. Unlike PA that amplifies voice using handheld microphones and power amplifiers, this solution allows people to hear a speaker's voice at a natural volume.

For example, a voice lift system with a ceiling array microphone, processor, power amplifier, and ceiling speakers provides a comfortable meeting and seminar environment in large conference rooms, school lecture halls, and other environments where human voice is difficult to reach.

There are two main types of voice lift systems: presentation and conference styles.

A presentation style is used for one-way communication from one or a few presenters to a face-to-face audience, while a conference style is used for two-way communication among multiple people. In both cases, Voice Lift is effective when people have difficulty hearing each other's voices.

Presentation Style

  • Presentation Style

One or two RM-CG ceiling array microphones are installed above the presenter to deliver their voice to the entire room during a presentation or lecture in a presentation room or a university lecture hall. Ceiling speakers installed evenly above the audience can provide a comfortable audio experience no matter where they are in the room.

Conference Style

  • Conference Style

Multiple microphones and ceiling speakers are used in a corporate conference room to deliver intelligible voice to all participants when it is difficult to hear speakers' actual voices in a meeting where several people are speaking. The ceiling microphone close to a person who is speaking picks up their voice, and the speakers farther away from the microphone output the voice, but the speakers close to the person are muted. With the support for the speaker's actual voice that is difficult to reach, a voice lift system allows you to speak and be heard from anywhere in the room.

Presentation Room

  • Presentation Room
  • Presentation Room: System chart

When several people take turns presenting in a meeting, it can be time-consuming and difficult to set up and manage multiple handheld or lavalier microphones, or to share only one microphone with presenters. A voice lift system allows presentation in turn with smoother operation without worrying about microphones. In addition, RM-CG microphones can detect and track the voices of up to four speakers simultaneously with four beams.

Lecture Room

  • Lecture Room
  • Lecture Room:System chart

In lecture halls at universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other educational institutions, it is necessary to deliver lectures to all students. In some cases, instructors use a handheld or lavalier microphone for their lecture, but depending on their attire, they may not be able to wear a lavalier microphone, or their hands may be occupied with a textbook and pen for writing on the board. A voice lift system allows instructors to lecture without worrying about microphones, and students to hear the lecture comfortably.

Conference Room

  • Conference Room
  • Conference Room: System chart

In a meeting or discussion in a conference room, it is essential to avoid frustration and disruption due to inability to hear what a person is saying. It may not be efficient to share one handheld microphone with participants or to provide enough microphones for them. With a conference-style voice lift system, participants can speak and be heard wherever they are seated in the room. It even allows for smooth communication with remote parties in hybrid meetings.