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March 10th, 2021 | Part 1: Stuff you need to know

With the increased popularity of Dante, audio and AV engineers are needing to learn more IT related skills. But how far do you go, and how difficult does it have to be? Join Yamaha’s Andy Cooper and Karl Christmas as they discuss the solutions and teach the basics about preparing your network for audio, control, and other data. It’s sure to be light-hearted, yet informative and educational. You will learn about network monitoring, QoS, IGMP snooping, and VLANs. And you’ll have a chance to ask your own questions about audio networking.

March 17th, 2021 | Part 2: Simple stuff that makes you look clever

Yamaha’s Karl Christmas and Andy Cooper continue their entertaining discussion and exploration of networking topics that have become useful, or even essential, in current audio systems. Recommended for audio and AV engineers who plan to do more with Dante, this webinar will include topics such as Trunk ports, Link Aggregation, cable types, network redundancy, and more. Come ready to learn, laugh, and ask questions.