Zoning capability

System Example

This system features a digital signal processor that also provides zoning capability. Different program material can be fed to three zones: the hall, lobby, and dressing rooms.

Overall system routing and processing is handled by a single MRX7-D unit in the Amp room. Equalizers, speaker processors, and a multitude of other audio components that can be configured and combined via a computer application give the MRX7-D the flexibility and scalability to deliver optimum functionality and performance in an extremely wide range of applications.

The MRX7-D can reduce cabling requirements and thereby limit problems such as shorts or bad connections that can occur over time. Installation as well as repair and maintenance costs are reduced as well.

Installation Cases

Forum Niederberg (Germany)

When a venue with multiple spaces needs to update its audio system, nowadays a networked solution considerably enhances the usefulness and flexibility of the entire building. This is exactly what has happened in the German city of Velbert, where a Dante-based Yamaha/Nexo system has recently been installed.

Hereford Courtyard Centre(UK)

Investment to upgrade the technical infrastructure of regional theatres tends to come along very rarely so, when it is available, technical managers need to choose equipment wisely. It’s not enough to have a system that is good for today - it needs to cater for production needs for 10 or even 20 years into the future. When Hereford’s Courtyard Centre for the Arts was recently granted funding to update its 15 year old system, a Yamaha CL3 system provided all the necessary facilities and future-proofing.