Our Spirit

Show Your Other Side

The connection you have with your guitar is unique. But like your music, itʼs always developing, always changing. Your music, your playing, your creativity donʼt stay the same, they donʼt rest in the same spot for decades ‒ so why would we?

We Are Never Standing Still

Push Things Forward

We've been making guitars since 1966, but that doesn't make us stuck in our ways. Whether its a completely new way of building a guitar, or just a new switch tip, innovation is what makes for a Yamaha guitar.

Keep Listening

We're driven by our players. Our network of artists, students, and industry experts keep us aligned with the way guitarists are really making and consuming music. Striving for the best experience for Yamaha players, new and old, is what keeps us moving.


There are some things you can't quantify. Its the difference between admiring a guitar, or picking one up and writing something new without even trying.

When you take a small team of passionate, dedicated guitar developers, and give them access to all the technology, knowledge, and audio expertise of a multi national music company, things get interesting pretty quickly.

Test Everything

Like the world of rock and roll around them, guitars have always been shrouded in legend and myth. Our duty is to question every assumption, break down every component, and truly understand what makes for an amazing guitar. Nothing is sacred when your goal is perfection.