True Wireless Earbuds Accessories

Yamaha ETP-30

ETP-30 New

Replacement eartip set exclusively for true wireless earbuds TW-E3C.

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Headphone Accessories

Yamaha HXC-SC020

HXC-SC020 New

Balanced 2-meter cable with XLR connector.

Yamaha HUC-SC020

HUC-SC020 New

Unbalanced cable with 3.5 mm 3-piece plug.

Yamaha HBC-SC020

HBC-SC020 New

Balanced cable with Pentaconn 4.4 mm plug.

Yamaha HEP-5000LE

HEP-5000LE New

Leather earpads for YH-5000SE.

Yamaha HEP-5000SU

HEP-5000SU New

Suade earpads for YH-5000SE.

Yamaha HST-5000

HST-5000 New

Headphone stand dedicated to YH-5000SE.

Yamaha HEP-70

HEP-70 New

Replacement earpads for Yamaha Headphone YH-E700B.

Charging Cradle

Yamaha CC-T1A

CC-T1A New

Cool design charging cradle for WS-B1A via USB Type-C

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Wireless Accessories


Simply connect the WXAD-10 to your current audio system, and make your whole system smart! Wireless music playback with Bluetooth® and Airplay®, music streaming services, and more are yours to enjoy ― like never before. It’s also compatible with Yamaha’s wireless music system MusicCast, so you can add your audio components to the world of MusicCast and infinitely expand your music listening possibilities. The WXAD-10 brings intelligent new functions into your current system, taking it beyond past constraints and truly making it ‘smart’ with all the latest, convenient features.


Stream music wirelessly from a Bluetooth capable mobile phone or a PC to the AV receiver.


The SWK-W16 kit can be attached to a subwoofer unit to connect it wirelessly. You won’t need to use any connecting wires between the unit and the subwoofer, increasing your system layout options.


Wireless Network Adapter YWA-10 allows Yamaha AV products equipped with a NETWORK port and a DC OUT jack (USB) to be connected with a wireless LAN.

Accessory for iPod


Wireless Streaming from iPod/iPhone/iPad and Mac/PC


Universal Dock for iPod



Speaker stand specifically for the NS-5000, featuring solid aluminium legs for exceptional stability and acoustic design for optimum sound.

Yamaha SPS-3000


Perfectly complementing the NS-3000 are the SPS-3000 stands. Engineered to exclusively match with the NS-3000, they enable optimal speaker placement for absolute purity of music.


Designed specifically for the Soavo-2, this stand is made of meticulously polished MDF with elegant metallic paint. This material, together with its oval shape serve to effectively dampen any vibrations that could affect sound quality.


Optional Floorstanding Speaker Stands


The YRB-100 reflects YSP sound beams to provide optimum surround sound.Two per set

Dust Cover

Yamaha DVC-5000


Protect your GT-5000 against dust, scratches and spills with the custom-designed DCV-5000 turntable lid.  Perfectly complementing the luxurious finish of the 5000 Series, the DCV-5000 is an essential part of your turntable setup.



Wall Mount Bracket for the Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors


Wall Mount Bracket for the Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors


Wall-mount bracket for ISX-800/ISX-B820.


By attaching the YTS-V1200 Wall Mounting Bracket to the YRS-1100 and YRS-2100 Surround Sound TV Stands, a TV can be mounted on the wall.

Color Variation Available Other Colors Available