Asian Beat Grand Final 2015 Held in Japan

Asian Beat Grand Final 2015 Held in Japan

The Grand Final of “Asian Beat 2015” was held on December 4 in Japan at the Yamaha Ginza Building. This year, Area Heats and Finals were held in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mongolia, and Singapore, with a total of nine groups participating in the Grand Final, which was judged by Akira Jimbo.

Grand Prize was awarded to NOWUL from South Korea for their high-level performance both as individuals and as a band. Indonesia won the 2nd Prize, and Malaysia won the 3rd Prize.

Grand Prize - South Korea

2nd Prize - Indonesia

3rd Prize - Malaysia

This year professional drummer Akira Jimbo was invited as a special guest judge.

He has been leading the music scene as a top drummer for over a quarter of a century. Making full use of his MIDI Drum Trigger System, his unique playing style is what can be called a one-man orchestra. He continues to overwhelm his listeners with his performance, which covers a field never trodden by man, combining his astonishing playing technique with modern technology. This has earned him great respect both domestically and internationally.

Details on the result are as follows:

Group Awards

  Country / Region Band Name
Grand Prize South Korea NOWUL
2nd Prize Indonesia G-Five
3rd Prize Malaysia Dominant 5th of Borneo

About Asian Beat

Asian Beat is one of the biggest amateur band contests held throughout many regions in Asia. It starts out from Area Heat in participating countries and regions. Each winner at Area Heat finals can proceed onto the Grand Final, where they will perform together on the same stage and compete to be the top of amateur bands in Asia. Yamaha Corporation started this event as "Band Alert" in 1998, renamed to "Asian Beat" in 2001. In the past years, worldwide famous players were the judges such as Nathan East, Wes Borland, Tommy Aldridge, Sonny Emory, Billy Sheehan, James LoMenzo and Akira Jimbo. For further information, visit What's Asian Beat.