Grand Final

Date March 9, 2008.
Venue Taipei good faith area A13 square (in Taiwan)

Prizewinning Bands

Grand Prize Taiwan Iron Banana
Second Prize Hong Kong Empty Tomb
Third Prize Malaysia Aisunam

Individual Awards

Best Vocalist Taiwan Michael Likk (Iron Banana)
Best Guitarist Taiwan J. Black Zhou (Iron Banana)
Best Bassist Indonesia Suluh Widhie Awalianto (Detik)
Best Keyboardist Hong Kong Yuki Kuboyama (Empty Tomb)
Best Drummer Hong Kong Tat Lam Fong (Empty Tomb)
Best Performance Taiwan Chih-Pou Tsui (Shy Kick Apple)

Asian Beat Celebrates 10th Anniversary

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Asian Beat, began this time around in July 2007, with regional preliminary rounds followed by a final national round taking place in each of the nine participating countries and regions, consisting of India, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Mainland China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Mongolia. Talented musicians who made it through the initial process finally gathered in Taipei for Asian Beat Grand Final 2008 on March 9. Iron Banana from Taiwan was awarded the prestigious grand prize.