Grand Final

Date March 10, 2007.
Venue Sunway Lagoon, Petaling Jaya (in Malaysia)

Prizewinning Bands

Grand Prize Indonesia Rempeyex
Special Jury Prize Malaysia POETICAL KINGDOM
Malaysia Ocean of Fire

Individual Awards

Best Vocalist Indonesia Rempeyex
Best Guitarist Malaysia Ocean of Fire
Best Bassist Malaysia Ocean of Fire
Best Keyboardist Malaysia Rempeyex
Best Drummer Malaysia Rempeyex

The grand finals of the 2006 competition took place at Sunway Lagoon in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, on March 10, 2007. Nearly 1,000 spectators thronged the hall to witness the seven finalist bands rock all out in a pulse-pounding display of musicianship and showmanship .

Rempeyex from Indonesia took home the grand prize while two Malaysian bands shared the second prize. The festival ended with special demonstrations by Japanese drummer Kozo Suganuma and American guitarist Wes Borland, both members of the competition judges panel. There was also a guest performance by Hybrid+, a Japanese band that won the 2006 Tokyo Band Summit.