Yamaha Corporation expands its ADECIA solution with the release of the VXC2P Dante/PoE ceiling speaker and CTL-BN1 controller

June 5th, 2024 – Yamaha Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the VXC2P Dante/PoE ceiling speaker and CTL-BN1, which functions as a mute button for the ADECIA microphones and external controller. This will further expand its ADECIA solution options and provide a more comfortable remote conferencing environment.

In recent years, sound solutions for in-office conference rooms have required more flexible, simple, and comfortable sound environments for both local and remote participants. Additionally, conference room usage tends to be diverse, with rooms being combined or partitioned according to the types of meetings and number of participants. The “ADECIA solution” was created to solve these issues. The system provides a one-stop solution from audio input to output. Users can freely select a microphone type from ceiling, table-top, and wireless devices that flexibly create a teleconferencing environment that matches the room size, number of participants, and intended use.

The VXC2P is a new addition to the lineup and is ideal for projects seeking ceiling-mount speaker options. The easy setup wizard that lets up to four rooms be combined or divided, included in the latest ADECIA firmware version 2.5.0, allows easy connection and device setup for the rooms, which could be otherwise complicated. The VXC2P is equipped with a variety of signal processing functions such as equalizer, ducker, and delay to help create a conference environment with high-quality sound. It can also be used for a wide range of applications, such as for voice-lift systems when combined with the MRX7-D signal processor.

The CTL-BN1 controller will also be released to simplify the use of the ADECIA solution. The CTL-BN1 can be used as a mute button for ADECIA microphones such as the RM-CG ceiling array microphone. It can easily mute the microphone in the event of sudden noises, promoting a high-quality, focused conference environment for remote participants. It can also be used as a controller to send commands to switch the audio between conference rooms.

The VXC2P and CTL-BN1 are expected to be available in the fall of 2024. Yamaha will continue to listen to customer feedback and provide even more comfortable and reliable teleconferencing environments.

Yamaha VXC2P


Dante PoE powered ceiling speaker as a part of ADECIA Solution

Yamaha CTL-BN1


Button controller for ADECIA microphones and external devices