RIVAGE PM7 Brings The Music Back At Italian Festival

Michele Sem Cigna

The end of July 2020 was significant for Italian festival organisers, as they were able to organise some events after the country’s initial Covid-19 lockdown. One of the first was the 10th anniversary Reload Sound Festival, in Biella, northern Italy, where obligatory self-certification and wearing of masks helped to bring some welcome musical sunshine to the Italian summer.

The three-day, family-friendly festival is one of the most popular annual events in the region. This year it took place on July 31st, 1st and 4th August and featured headline performances by singer/songwriter Niccolò Fabi, accompanied by Roberto Angelini and Pier Cortese, Samuel (from Italian rock band Subsonica) and a range of local artists.


Niccolò Fabi

The audio system for the festival was supplied by Biella-based La Fonderia Musicale (FM), who used two RIVAGE PM7 systems, one for the front of house mix and another for monitors. Yamaha Music Europe’s Alessandro Arturi and Marco Giovanetti were also in attendance, helping the FOH Engineer Michele Sem Cigna and his team with setting up the system and passing on tips and tricks to make the task quicker and easier.

“A multi-day, multi-artist festival needs a mixing system with the best audio quality, coupled with ease of use, presenting no obstacles or challenges to the sound engineer,” says Michele. “For the Reload Festival, the RIVAGE PM7 system was a must-have. From soft folk music to songs pushing hard rock, we needed a console that helped us, not something where we were fighting with strange routing systems, patching or ergonomics.”

While strictly following all restrictions and guidelines, all of the teams across Yamaha Music Europe and their partners have been keen to do everything possible to support live activities wherever and whenever they are allowed. Thanks to this ‘can do’ attitude, Reload Sound was a great success, highlighting the importance that live entertainment plays in the quality of life for many people.

“We were very happy with how the RIVAGE PM7 systems performed and the quality of the sound for the audience every night,” says Michele. “I am very grateful to Alessandro and Marco for their support.”

Biella, Italy


To fully support the sound engineers who support the artists and performers, Yamaha makes absolutely no compromises when it comes to quality. Sound, operability, and reliability must all be first class, and implemented in a way that allows engineers to concentrate fully on helping artists and performers deliver their message. The RIVAGE PM series embodies this ideal at the highest level, connecting technology, art, and audiences with waves that encircle the world.