New court complexes choose Yamaha VXL series line array speakers

Audio quality and intelligibility are of prime importance in courtroom sound reinforcement systems, ensuring that all present at court proceedings can clearly hear every word. A new court complex in the Sultanate of Oman has chosen Yamaha VXL series line array speakers, thanks to their excellent reproduction qualities.

Located 140km from the capital city Muscat, the prestigious new court complex in the city of Nizwa is run by the country’s Council of Administrative Affairs for the Judiciary (CAAI), which manages judiciary affairs in the Sultanate of Oman. The Sultanate’s Judiciary Administrative Affairs Council is modernising the judiciary system to ensure justice is delivered properly and this new court complex is one of a number of identical new facilities. It features six courtrooms which can be used simultaneously.

Based in Muscat, Yamaha partner Pulse Information Technologies LLC was contracted to install high quality sound reinforcement systems at the complex.

“As well as the requirement for high audio intelligibility at court hearings, the number of microphones meant that the speaker solution had to be very precise, to avoid feedback,” says Hitesh Bhimani, divisional manager at Pulse Information Technologies. “We conducted live demonstrations of the products and the complete solution for the client’s representatives. Thanks to the excellent reproduction qualities and class-leading performance, they chose the Yamaha system.”

He specified a system of four Yamaha VXL1B-24 line array speakers in each courtroom, with an MG20XU mixer managing the inputs from eight gooseneck, two tie clip and two low profile boundary microphones. Identical systems are installed in all six courtrooms.

“The VXL line array speakers were chosen because of their great sound quality and coverage, which meant only four units were needed to ensure everyone in the courtroom will hear every word, clearly and in excellent quality,” says Abhishek Agarwal of Yamaha Music Gulf FZE.

The narrow profile of the speakers also meant that they could be installed in the best positions, without being in the way of any court business. Meanwhile, the MG20XU mixer was chosen as a cost-effective solution, having the necessary number of input channels and onboard effects/EQ required to precisely calibrate the sound, taking account of the courtroom acoustics.

“Thanks to the proven professional solution, the excellent performance and client satisfaction of this system, Pulse has been asked to supply an identical Yamaha system for another new court complex in Rustaq,” says Bhimani.

Nizwa, Oman

VXL Series

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