Brewery Adds Yamaha CIS for Ultimate Patron Experience

A new brewery has opened in Orlando, Florida, and it's already creating a buzz (excuse the pun!). Sideward Brewing is situated in the popular Milk District of downtown Orlando and officially opens March 30. The name comes from a riff off the owner's last name, Ward, and playing off of a time where wayward thinking was the norm so sideward fit the bill exactly.

"We've taken a nearly 100-year old warehouse and built it out from the ground up," states Garrett Ward. Garrett Ward's title is Head Brewer. "The brewery may be new, but we're not new to beer; we are a team of Orlando industry veterans on a simple mission: to create the best beer in the city."

Teer Audio Visual (Orlando) who designed and installed the system outfitted the 100-patron capacity brewery with a Yamaha Commercial Installation Solutions (CIS) system. The project consisted of four Yamaha VXS8W speakers throughout the open inside area of seating as well as the outside patio. The brains of the system consists of a Yamaha MA2120 mixer amplifier and a Yamaha PA2120 amplifier, combined with DCP1V4S-US digital control panels that provide flexible external control of several functions such as preset recall, levels, and BGM playback. "The Yamaha CIS system is a very powerful but simple, user-friendly application for the customer and really brings the space to life," states Jason Harlow, Account Executive, Teer Audio Visual. "Our goal was to provide ambiance for the bar and to simulate the feeling of wanderlust that is the brewery's theme." Teer used a pendant bracket application for the Yamaha VXS8W speakers to stay away from surface mounting since the client didn't want to create any additional attention to the beautiful rustic décor the brewery offers.

Orlando, Florida, USA