Yamaha E-Band Competition 2017 Winners

We are pleased to announce the Grand Winner for the Yamaha E-Band Competition 2017.

Grand Winner

Congratulations to Friendly Mosquito from Georgia!

Grand Winner will be awarded a trip to Japan.

Individual Winners

Announcing also are the Individual Winners who will also receive corresponding prizes of Yamaha products.

Katsunori Ujiie (Keyboardist)

Katsunori Ujiie (Keyboardist)

He is a creative director, composer, arranger, and keyboardist with a storied career in the field of software production, music production, and music education. As a sound designer he has created sounds for many Yamaha synthesizers such as the DX, SY, QY, VL, EX, CS, MOTIF and MONTAGE series. He has also appeared in over 400 video reviews of digital products, which have gained more than 17 million views on YouTube and attention from musicians and creators around the world.

Patti Ballinas (Drummer)

Patti Ballinas (Drummer)

She is a drummer based in Palma De Mallorca, Spain. Her career spanned as a member of Angel’s Delight band with her 2 sisters. Her amazing approach to drumming landed her to play extensively with different musicians both live and recording sessions around the world. As a Yamaha endorser, she actively conducts drum clinics, demonstrations and performances both locally and abroad with top-notch artists such as Victor Wooten and Nathan East. She also finds time to teach drums at a local music school.

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