Awards for the Winners of Yamaha E-band Competition

Yamaha Music Gulf FZE (YMGF) conducted the Yamaha E-Band Competition. It is the first-ever online video competition for amateur band showcasing their recorded video performances of music talents from diverse cultures. The registration was held from 03rd July 2016 to 31st August 2016 and the winners were announced on 15th September 2016.

Koralli band from Ukraine became the Grand Winner of Yamaha E-Band competition. They got a chance to compete with other grand finalists at the Asian Beat 2016 on 5th November 2016.

Koralli band final performance at Asian Beat 2016

Koralli band member Mr. Vitaliy Chupak receiving award from YMGF

In addition, YMGF announced individual winners and awards ceremony were organized by YMGF and distributors to acknowledge the winners.

Best Guitarist

Mr. Hedi Fahem from Another Perspective Band (Tunisia) awarded with Yamaha RS620 Revstar Electric Guitar.

Mr. Hedi Fahem performance in entry song

Mr. Hedi Fahem receiving award from Mr. Yasuaki Gyoten (Managing Director, YMGF).

Best Keyboardist

Mr. Joseph Dube from Deep Breath Band (South Africa) awarded with Yamaha MX61 BK Synthesizer.

Mr. Joseph Dube performance in entry song

Mr. Joseph Dube receiving award from South African distributor.

Best Bassist

Mr. Andrey Prosvirnov from Galayan Quartet Band (Uzbekistan) awarded with Yamaha TRBX505 Bass Guitar.

Mr. Andrey Prosvirnov performance in entry song

Mr. Andrey Prosvirnov receiving award from Yamaha Artist Vitaly Popelov (Uzbekistan).

Best Vocalists

Toma & Irina Butko BeTwins Band (Ukraine) awarded with Yamaha MG10XU Mixer and MSP3 Studio Monitors.

Ms. Toma & Ms. Irina Butko performance in entry song

Ms. Toma & Ms. Irina Butko receiving award from YMGF

Best Drummer

Mr. Serghei Petrenco from Busola Band (Moldova) awarded with Yamaha DTX450K Electronic Drums.

Mr. Serghei Petrenco performance in entry song

Mr. Serghei Petrenco receiving award from Moldavian distributor.