Junior Step Fundamental Course

Junior Step Fundamental Course (5-6 year old)

The Junior Step Fundamental Course teaches music to children through a comprehensive method, where they learn how to listen, sing, play, read and compose music in a fun way. Like all Yamaha Courses, the JSFC is designed based on the children’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

Lesson Format:

Students: 5-6 year old children

Duration: 2 levels of 6 months each

Lesson Style: Group lesson with 8-10 children

Lesson Length: 60 minute lesson – 40 lessons per year

Characteristics of the Junior Step Fundamental Course

Characteristics of the Junior Step Fundamental Course

1. Listening:Develops students' imagination and sensitivity, which lead to greater musical expression.

2. Singing:Students acquire various musical expressions through solfege singing and lyric singing pieces.

3. Reading:Students are introduced to score reading, musical grammar and score copying, through Repertoire and Solfege pieces.

4. Playing:The core element of the course, where students develop various playing techniques for Piano and Electone. Students' interest in keyboard playing is developped through fun and challenging pieces, and through the teacher's and the CD's example performances.

What to expect at the end of JSFC?

Children learn the basics for playing the keyboard for one year, and aim to acquire the Yamaha Piano / Electone Grade 11.

After completing the JSFC, children are promoted to the Junior Step Course.