Emad Hamdy



Emad Hamdy graduated from the Royal British Academy of Music while his musical repertoire came from the Egyptian Opera House to the world. Hamdy is the first guitarist in Egypt who ever played guitar concerto with Cairo Symphony Orchestra starting 1988 till the time being. He has created and mastered many unique classical chamber ensembles for the first time in Egypt, including guitar duos with violin, flute, cello, soprano, percussion, oud and piano.

Hamdy has earned an impressive reputation internationally as a classical guitarist. The music press has included him in the Pantheon of the world's best guitarist. Anyone who has attended one of his uncountable concerts will quickly agree with this appraisal. He is the founder of the only and most essential guitar schools in Egypt to teach & master guitar and music fundamentals academically at Cairo Opera House & The American University in Cairo.

The world-class musician achieved something a few people accomplish in our days; The perfect harmony of expertise, musicality and perception. This prominent guitarist is often heard performing Chamber works, Recitals and Orchestral works. Furthermore, Hamdy offers startling repertoires of original arrangements of several classical works as well as Spanish dances, Argentine tangos and Latin-American folk songs.

New York Radio in the USA granted iconic Egyptian Musician Emad Hamdy the Oscar Best Music Award 2019.

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