Yamaha Music Gulf FZE Scholarship Program 2020-21


Yamaha Music Gulf FZE (YMGF) is one of the subsidiaries of Yamaha Corporation, in charge of GCC, Middle East, CIS, West Asia and Africa regions. As well as supplying musical instruments and audio products, we engage in proving a chance to learn music in the responsible areas and attempt to contribute to respective societies. Our Scholarship program aims to provide financial assistance to students who are pursuing full-time diploma / degree courses in music institutions.


As a response to the COVID19 global pandemic, empathy toward all institutions and students affected, and awareness of the importance of the Yamaha Piano Scholarship now more than ever, Yamaha Piano Scholarship Program 2020-21 competition was held online. Total announced 18 places for final winners, who had received one-time Scholarship prizes with an equivalent value of USD1000 each.


1 Shahane Aghakaryan Roza Tandilyan Yerevan State Conservatory After Komitas
2 Dea Gverdtsiteli-Abakelia Maia Beridze Zakaria Paliashvili Tbilisi Central Music School
3 Marika Mamardashvili Edisher Rusishvili V. Sarajishvili Tbilisi State Conservatory
4 Coroli Elizaveta Sviridova Tatiana Vasilievna Republican Music Lyceum named after S. Rachmaninov
5 Bennasser Nada Nicole Salmon Boyer Ecole de musique Salmon
6 John Smith Erina Westgarth-Taylor Bishops Diocesan College
7 Qden Blaauw Shane Goodall Shane Goodall Piano Studio
8 Aryaman Chawla Dr. Jordan Rashkov Dubai College
9 Anna Nebaba Borys Fedorov Lysеnko M.V. Kyiv Secondary Specialized Music Boarding School
10 Dana Baltrushaititie Tetiana Abaieva Lysеnko M.V. Kyiv Secondary Specialized Music Boarding School
11 Denys Zarubaiko Angela Fandieieva Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music
12 Dmytro Semykras Svitlana Morozova Sumy College of Arts and Culture
13 Nikita Stetsenko Elmira Mirkasimova State Conservatory of Uzbekistan
14 Diba Pishdadi Gagik Babayan University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts
15 Mohammad Javad Bahrami Raphael Minaskanian University of Tehran, Faculty of Fine Arts
16 Mohammad Reza Ghojavand Tamara Dolidze Sheen School of Music
17 Nima Shenavari Raphael Minaskanian Tehran University of Art
18 Sadra Mahshidfar Tamara Dolidze Tehran University of Art


Qden Blaauw with his Professor Shane Goodall (Right) and Eustace Wilken (Global Music) – South Africa

From left to right: Borys Tregub - Deputy Director (In-Jazz LLC). Mykhailo Mymryk - Vice Rector, Professor, Olena Osoka - The Dean of the piano faculty, Denys Zarubaiko - student, Angela Fandieieva - Associate Professor of the Department of Special Piano, from Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music - Ukraine

Dea Gverdtsiteli-Abakelia and Marika Mamardashvili – Georgia

From left to right: Pavel Karasev - ShowPro Marketing Manager, Elmira Mirkasimova – Piano Professor, Nikita Stetsenko – student, Inoyatkhon Abdullayeva – student, Kamoliddin Urinbayev – Rector, from The State Conservatory - Uzbekistan

Coroli Elizaveta and her Professor Sviridova Tatiana Vasilievna along with Yamaha official distributor Vivace Extra SRL– Moldova

We would like to thank all involved in making this year's Scholarship Program such a great success. The list of thanks is very long, as the Yamaha Piano Scholarship 2020-21 is a result of an amazing and unique cooperative spirit. Let us once again congratulate our finalists and prize winners. Let the show go on for them - and for all other participants, whom we wish to continue their hard work on further development.

Wataru Ogino, Managing Director, Yamaha Music Gulf FZE