Yamaha Launches the New Revstar Series of Electric Guitars Blending Yamaha Craftsmanship and Japanese Engineering Technology with a Custom Motorcycle Design


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Hamamatsu, Japan, December 15, 2015 - Yamaha Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of the new Yamaha Revstar Series of electric guitars.

New Product Profile

The new Revstar electric guitar series introduces a new design concept geared to today's style sensibilities and features Yamaha's unique design capabilities in the first major update to the classic Yamaha guitar body shape in over a decade.

The new design is the culmination of three years of development incorporating information from multiple interviews and feedback from professional artists, music industry professionals, and guitar enthusiasts in London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo. The rearticulated design presents advances in design and sound production through a blend of Yamaha-ness with Japanese design sensibilities. The visual concept evokes the classic, stripped-down look of the customized Café Racer motorbikes popular in 1960s London and is specifically engineered to have the warm feel and look of well-used vintage equipment. The Revstar concept combines Yamaha's 50-year legacy of guitar craftsmanship with Japan's heritage of engineering excellence. Meticulous engineering makes the Revstar guitar models ideal instruments for musicians performing in a wide range of musical styles.

Main Features

1. Full sound presence reminiscent of revving up of a finely tuned motorcycle engine

The Revstar electric guitars feature a set-neck construction and pickups designed exclusively for the Revstar series to produce a full sound presence. Yamaha created the new pickups to achieve optimal performance with each model, testing over 50 prototypes to select the peak spec combinations of magnet wire, coil winding, metal parts, baseplate, and magnet. The RS420 and higher models come equipped with a unique and practical Dry Switch. In addition to a typical tone control that cuts high frequencies, the Revstar Dry Switch produces cleaner tone without diminishing output level or disabling the noise canceling function of the humbucking pickups.

2. Distinct, high-quality design inspired by the classic Café Racer motorbikes

The Revstar design concept brings the classic 1960s Café Racer motorcycle designs to the guitar realm and joins them with an inherent manufactured warmth and an aged-in-style appearance.

Every component and feature is perfectly matched to each model's specific character for outstanding performance and style. The bodies of the RS502, 620, 720B, 820CR, and P20CR models are painted and then brushed with steel wool for a broken-in look. The RSP20CR features a copper pick guard that creates a distinct look for each musician. The RS502T features a completely reconceptualized aluminum floating tailpiece.

3. Ideal body shape for comfortable playability

The Revstar series is engineered to fully accommodate all types of guitarists with thorough durability while being both comfortable to hold and highly playable. The body composition takes cues from classic Yamaha guitars and features a deep belly cut, hidden forearm contour, and a neck joint designed for easy upper fret access.The models offer an attractive look and comfortable feel with a solid architecture fully capable of extended, intensive performances.

4. A variety of models for all musical styles

The Revstar series offers a variety of styles each with a distinctive character allowing musicians to choose a design best suited to their musical style and personality.

The flagship RSP20CR model is made in Japan with custom parts and fully embodies the Café Racer concept. Copper pick guards wear over time as the guitar is played naturally creating a unique look for each player. Craftsmen-selected and -calibrated parts and Yamaha's unique Initial Response Acceleration (I.R.A.) technology give it a maturesound and easy playability from the first day.

The RS820CR extends the RSP20CR's design while balancing cost and performance and features an aluminum pickguard and the same TonePros bridge as the RSP20CR.

The RS720B model is a classic design look featuring a flamed maple top with a steel wool finish and Bigsby tremolo arm. The model is optimized for a clear sound with a custom-made Tron-type pickup and locking tuner.

The RS620 has a flamed maple top with a steel wool finish and comes with a custom wraparound bridge for maximum effectiveness transmitting string vibration to the body.

The RS502T offers a custom P-90 pickup and custom aluminum floating tailpiece for a unique sound and strong stage presence.

The RS502 has a distinct design with a steel wool finish and comes with a custom P-90 pickup and the same wraparound bridge as the RS620.

The RS420 is the Revstar series base model and comes with two humbucking pickups and a neck and fretboard specially designed for easy playing. A Dry Switch gives the model the versatility for a wide range of music styles.

The RS320 provides a full sound from an open humbucking pickup and no body cut. The neck and fretboard were specially designed for easy playing, making it an ideal model for beginning guitarists.


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